Find out more about John Moxham one of the most influential designers in powerboat history, from his early days in the RAF, travelling the world and having one of his creations named by HM the Queen. We believe in Johns experience and knowledge when it comes to powerboating, which is why we pour heart and soul into our boats as much as he does his designs. John has backed us all the way on this Journey and we are honoured to work alongside him.

John R Moxham

John Moxham started his career in the aircraft industry as an apprentice, ending up in the drawing office working on the Folland Gnat Fighter, After national service in the R.A.F. at the aeroplane and armament experimental establishment at Boscombe Down, he decided on a career in the boat industry as a designer.

The first boat he designed in the 1970s became very successful, The Microplus, a range of small cruisers, still to be seen to this day in small harbours around the world.

This was followed by the equally successful Relcraft range from 23-30ft cruisers.

Over the intervening years he has designed some 50-60 successful model of which have been produced in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Turkey and the U.S.A.

The largest boat designed was the Millennium boat, a 460 passenger Thames cruiser, operated by City Cruisers and name by H.M. The Queen in 1999.

Another passenger craft used on the Thames is the very unusual “Ebenezer Scrooge” a fast stabilised mono hull which was used between Greenwich and Westminster.

John has an established reputation for fast stable hulls over the years and has designed many fast RIBS one of which, the Osprey lynx, established a new world speed record for an outboard powered RIB.

The RNLI also used the Tiger Marine aluminium RIBS to patrol the Thames. A military version of these Tiger boats with armour plating and powered by two Yanmar diesels driving Rolls Royce waterjets, is the offshore raiding craft used by the Royal Marine Commandos. This is capable of 40 knots, whilst having a full load of marines and fitted with guns. they owned and cared for 45 of these craft.

As well as fast plaining craft, John has designed many cruisers for the use in inland waterways in France, Ireland and nearly all the modern boats used on the Norfolk broads are designed by him, some with unusual low wash which travel at six knots and can even cause no wash to be created which is good for protecting the banks from erosion.

John has also designed many fast commercial workboats. The Kingfisher 30, made in Falmouth is used by fisherman in the Atlantic, operating from Cornwall, Scotland and the Orkneys. While for of their 45ft boats were ordered as a ferry service around the coast of Greenland. These had a very thich hull layup to cope with the ice. The Redfinn 35 was a range of charter fishing boats made in Ireland and the Reliance workboat was made by Halmatic and used as a survey and passenger craft in many countries around the world.

John has even made a name for himself in the USA where he had designed a 30ft commercial plaining hull for a firm in Seatle.